We offer a range of suncare products infused with our signature coconut scent, from Sun Tan Oils, Sunscreen Oils to Sunscreen Lotions!


Our deliciously nourishing and super hydrating Reef Sun Tan Oils
SPF0, SPF6 and SPF15 contain a bunch of key vitamins and nutrients for your skin.
Reef oils, let’s be honest – it’s summer in a bottle.

Almond Oil

Your skin’s daily vitamins in a bottle featuring friends such as Vitamin E, A and B and not to mention the fact that almond oil is an antioxidant. Your skin will suck this baby up faster than an ice cold coconut water.

Sesame Oil

Rich in essential antioxidants, has fatty acids that nourish skin and acts like a bouncer protecting your skins’ glow and complexion. So basically it’ll leave your skin looking and feeling incredible.

Coconut Oil

An antioxidant combined with other goodies this oil is basically anti nasties. Coconut is the signature smell of summer and the hydrating properties found in this bottle will leave you feeling like one smooth operator.




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